There are several good builds for Druids in Diablo IVincluding the Earth Bear Landslide build or even the Pulverizing Werebear build, but one that stands a cut above the rest is Storm Wolf Build. With this build, players can win their way to level 100.


The Storm Wolf Build is mainly based on a pair unique items exclusive to the Druid class i Diablo 4. These items will be essential and since this is more of an endgame build, players should have access to these items at this point. Without these items, this build will not function as intended.

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Nest Items for Storm Wolf Druid Build

Melted heard of Selig in Diablo 4

The Storm Wolf Endgame Built-in Diablo 4 is based on a few key elements essential to it. Specifically Crone’s great staffTempest Roar, Mad Wolf’s Glee and Melted Heart of Selig. Each of these elements provides a specific aspect to this build that allows it to function as intended. The Greatstaff of the Crone is a staff that turns Claw into a storm skill. Also allows it to cast Storm Strike with 120%-150% damage. The next item is the Tempest Roar, a piece of armor, specifically a helmet, that allows all Storm Skills to function as a werewolf skill.

The third item is Mad Wolf’s Glee, an armor chest that ensures druid players are always in werewolf form and gain +2 to all werewolf skills. The fourth element is The Melted Heart of Selig, which allows druids to drain Spirit first when taking damage at a ratio of 3-6 Spirit for every 1% of health that would have been lost. These items are non-optional when it comes to this build-in Diablo 4. In order for the Storm Wolf build to run properly, do not attempt to build it until these items have been acquired first.

Best Storm Wolf Spirit Boons For Druids

Calm Before The Storm Boon in Diablo 4

Druid Class players will need to unlock Spirit Boons, which must be done in a specific order by offering Druid Spirit Offers. The order in which to unlock these Spirit Boons is Calamity (Wolf), Scythe Talons (Eagle), Gift of the Stag (Deer), Calm Before The Storm (Snake) and Swooping Attacks (Eagle). The last of these Spirit Boons should be activated with Spirit Bonding. Along with Spirit Boons, players need a specific Skill Tree mapping to make this build as powerful as it can possibly be, along with appropriately constructed Paragon Boards.

Spirit Boon



Extend Ultimate Skill duration by +25%

Scythe Talons

Gain +5% increased chance of Critical Strike

The Gift of the Deer

+10 Max Spirit

Silence before the storm

Lucky Hit: Nature Magic Skills have up to a 15% chance to reduce the cooldown of Ultimate Skills by 2 seconds.

Swooping attack

Gain +10% attack speed

Storm Wolf Druid Skill Tree

Druid Skill Tree in Diablo 4

The Skill Tree is the heart of any large build. With so many options and ways to customize a character, it can be difficult to map out the best skills. Two characters of the same class can be incredibly different based on how players approach this specific aspect of their build. Players will build the majority of their skill tree using the skill points gained throughout the game, and the rest will be built using Renown in Diablo 4. With the remaining Renown Points, players must unlock Wrath Skills, Elemental Exposure (Level 3), Bad Omen (Level 3), and Electric Shock (Level 3). In addition, players should unlock Defensive Skill Vigilance up to level 2.



Basic skill

Storm Strike (Level 5)

Improved Storm Strike

Wild Storm Strike

Claw (Level 5)

Improved Claw

Wild Claw

Core skill

Heart of The Wild (Level 3)

Abundance (Level 3)

Predatory Instinct (Level 3)

Defensive skill

Earth bulwark (level 1)

Improved earth bulwark

Conservation of earthworks

Ancestral Strength (Level 1)

Blood Howl (Level 1)

Amplified blood howl

Preserving blood howl

Anger skill

Elemental Exposure (Level 1)

Endless Tempest (Level 3)

Hurricane (Level 5)

Strengthened hurricane

Savage Hurricane

Ultimate skill

Defiance (Level 3)


Primary disaster

Supreme disaster

Key liabilities

Earth beauty

Paragon Board For a Storm Wolf Druid Build

Paragon Board for Druid in Diablo 4

If the Paragon Board seems unfamiliar, that’s probably only because it is unlocked when players reach level 50, also known as endgame, so it just can’t have been something that has been encountered yet. Paragon Board i Diablo 4 is a system where players unlock multiple boards. As each board is completed, new ones will become available depending on the selected nodes. For this Druid Build, players will want to prioritize damage and resistance.

For the initial board, players will want to get around the right side and prioritize Keeper Rare Glyph, and then from there, go up the left side of the board until you unlock the next one. The other board will prioritize Thunderstruck Legendary Node. The next board will focus on Narrowing tendrils Legendary Node. Finally, the third board is in Diablo 4 will focus a lot on Lust for Carnage Legendary Node.

Best Armor and Weapons for a Warlock Druid

Druid in Diablo 4

Another key feature to remember is the stats for each equipped item. There are certain stats that players should prioritize when equipping the rest of their gear. Aside from the four key elements essential to this build, players can fill their other slots however they like, focusing on certain stats. For gloves, players must focus on Lucky Hit Chance or Attack Speed. For pants and boots, the main focus should be Life, damage reduction or willpower. Finally for Rings, Lucky Hit Chance and Generation of resources are the most important aspects to focus on. With all the components of this building fully completed as listed, players will become an unstoppable force in Diablo 4.

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