Captain Sandy Yawn and Chief Stew Fraser Olender got into an argument on the latest episode of Below Deck, and fans are overwhelmingly on Fraser’s side.

Following Captain Sandy Yawn and Fraser Olender’s argument, under deck fans are on the main pot’s side. Sandy was upset when Fraser encouraged the charter guests to pack their things before breakfast so they could spend as much time on deck as possible before departure. Sandy felt like he was rushing guests off the boat. When Fraser explained himself, Sandy said that he always has an excuse for everything and never takes responsibility. Sandy later became angry because she believed that Fraser, Alissa Humber and Tyler Walker stood around doing nothing while the deck crew did all the work. Fraser tried to explain himself again, but Sandy told him to stop talking.


under deck Season 10’s Fraser got on Sandy’s bad side again, and unfortunately for the captain, fans think she’s wrong.

Twitter user @quirings1 compared the way Sandy gives constructive criticism to chef Rachel Hargrove but yells at Fraser. “This is why I’m not a Captain Sandy fan,” that under deck wrote fan. “Her management style is not consistent and can be abusive.“Another fan believes that Fraser was right to ask the guests to pack early and that Sandy should apologize to him. The Twitter user @shersters wrote,”I feel, as usual, that she micromanages the crew. When is Captain Lee coming back?

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Fraser has angered Captain Sandy throughout under deck season 10

Fraser Olender from the lower deck smiling in front of a flag

Sandy and Fraser have gotten into a few disagreements over the course of under deck season 10. Sandy has been particularly frustrated with Fraser because she thinks he tries too hard to be everyone’s friend instead of taking charge and acting as their boss. Things got worse after Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber’s fight when Sandy wanted to talk to both girls separately and find out what happened. Fraser tried to stop Sandy from talking to Camille, which angered Sandy. The captain said he should never speak to her like that again.

under deck fans can clearly see that Sandy does not treat Fraser respectfully. The chef is excellent at his job and charter guests love him because he makes them feel welcome and comfortable while maintaining a level of professionalism. Although Sandy might get frustrated with him, she shouldn’t talk down to him or act like he’s not doing his job well. When she got mad at him towards the end of the latest under deck episode, she suggested he was lazy and everyone watching under deck knowing that is not the case.

At the same time, Sandy is also very good at doing his job. Running a yacht is no easy feat and sometimes she takes out her anger on the wrong people at the wrong time. under deck fans and crew members should have compassion, especially because Sandy is a woman working in a male-dominated industry. She expressed frustration at this wonder under deck season 10 when a male captain tried to get her to move his yacht so he wouldn’t have to move his. The Fraser and Sandy drama could easily end if the two had a conversation and heard each other.

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