Facts about Barry Humphries

Full name: Barry Humphries
Date of birth: 17 February 1934
Age: 89 years
Date of death: 22 April 2023
Sex: He
Profession: Comedian
Country: Australia
Horoscope: Aquarius
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Wife Elizabeth Spender
Married Elizabeth Spender
Divorce Rosalind Tong, Diane Millstead, Brenda Wright
Net worth 12 million dollars
Pay $54,080
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Birthplace Melbourne
Status Married
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity white
Religion Christianity
Education Camberwell Grammar School, Melbourne Grammar School, University of Melbourne,
Sheep Eric Humphries
Mother Louisa Humphries
Siblings Christopher Humphries, Michael Humphries, Barbara Humphries
Children Oscar Humphries, Tessa Humphries, Emily Humphries, Rupert Humphries
Instagram Barry Humphries Instagram
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Australian-born satirist, actor, comedian and writer Barry Humphries became known in the media. He wrote and produced the play Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson, which was his greatest success. Since Charlie Chaplin, he has been considered the most important theatrical character and comic thanks to his sense of humor and commitment to the arts.

He was awarded the JR Ackerley Prize for Autobiography in 1993 thanks to his first autobiography, More Please. He held the title of Officer of the Order of Australia in 1982.

How Much Was Barry Humphries Net Worth?

When Barry died, his estimated net worth was 12 million dollars. He earned this amount of money via his prosperous professional career. Considering that a comedian typically does $54,080 per annum, his salary must be about that amount.

Caption: Barry with his car (Source: Herald Sun)

How was Barry Humphries’ first year?

On February 17, 1934, Barry Humphries opened his eyes for the first time. He was an Australian who was from Melbourne. If he were still alive, he would be 89 years old. Barry used to celebrate his birthday on February 17 and his zodiac sign was Aquarius. He goes by John Barry Humphries in full.

Caption: Barry’s early life photo (Source: The Oldie)

Eric Humphries, the father, was a construction manager when he gave birth to him. Louisa Humphries is the name of his mother. He grew up with two brothers, one sister and other family members. His siblings are Barbara Humphries, a former teacher, Michael Humphries, a teacher and historian, and Christopher Humphries, an architect.

He belonged to the white ethnicity and was an Australian citizen by nationality. He had held a Christian religious belief.

What was the education level of Barry Humphries?

He started attending Camberwell Grammar. Barry also attended Melbourne Grammar School where he majored in both Art and English. At the University of Melbourne he spent two years studying law, philosophy and art. Despite not receiving a university diploma, he was awarded an honorary doctorate.

Barry Humphries had four marriages.

Barry had four marriages. He was happily married to American actress Elizabeth Spender at the time of his passing. In 1990, they exchanged wedding vows. Until Barry’s passing, they lived in a terraced house in West Hampstead.

Caption: Barry with his wife (Source: Evening Standard)

Barry married Brenda Wright, a dancer who was 19 years old, for the first time when he was 22 years old. In 1955 they tied the knot in marriage. Due to Barry’s alcoholism, their marriage began to suffer. In 1957, just two years after they had been legally separated, they ended their marriage.

Barry Humphries’ two further separated marriages

Rosalind Tong, a native of New Zealand, is his second wife. Likewise, Rosalind was a former ballet dancer who had a job. Rosalind and Barry were married in 1959 in front of their loved ones. In 1970, after 11 years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce. He continued to be single for another nine years.

Caption: Barry with his wife (Source: The Times)

He married, thirdly, the artist Diane Millstead. In 1979 they took the aisle. However, they were only able to end their marriage after ten years together, and they divorced in 1989.

How many children does Barry Humphries have?

He had two sons and two daughters, four children in all. Oscar Humphries, Tessa Humphries, Emily Humphries and Rupert Humphries are his children. Tessa and Emily, two girls Barry had with his second wife, were the parents of his sons born to his third wife.

Caption: Barry with his sons (Source: Daily Mail)

Australian art and design dealer Oscar, the father’s son, was born on 23 April 1981. Rupert, Barry’s second son, is a screenwriter, while Tessa, his daughter, was born in 1963 and currently lives in the US. In 1970, Emily, his second daughter, was born. He had 10 grandchildren and he was their grandfather.


Barry Humphries has died aged 89

He took his last breath on April 22, 2023. Barry died aged just 89. In February 2023, he underwent hip surgery after falling off a cliff. His death was primarily caused by side effects from hip surgery. He was hospitalized after experiencing surgery complications at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. His death was announced by his family on Saturday.

He retained his sharp intelligence, characteristic wit and kind-hearted nature to the end. was also a dedicated and caring father, grandfather, husband and friend to many people. Many people’s lives are left empty after his passing.

What was the height and weight of Barry Humphries?

Barry weighs 75 kg and has a height of 5 feet 11 inches. He measured 46 inches in height. His black hair contrasted with the brown shade of his eyes.

Barry Humphries’ professional career

  • Barry was an actor and comedian from Australia.
  • He was employed by the Melbourne Theater Company (MTC), a company founded by John Sumner, in 1953.
  • In 1995, he got the chance to portray Edna Everage in an Olympic hostess skit.
  • In 1967, he made his acting debut in the cameo role in Bedazzled.
  • In later years he appeared in films such as Percy’s progress (1974), The Great Macarthy (1975), Side by Side (1975) and so on.
  • He was cast as Bruce, a voice actor, in the 2003 Finding Nemo film.
  • In the film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, he also provided the voices for Justin and the Knights of Valor, as well as the Great Goblin and Braulio.
  • He appeared as a comic at the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s Weimar Republic Cabaret performance.
  • On 22 July 2012, he announced his farewell tour in Australia.
  • He began a nationwide tour and opened the show in October 2013 at the Milton Keynes Theater and the London Palladium.

TV shows and movies

The Barry Humphries Show, The Dame Edna Experience and Dame Edna’s Neighborhood Watch are some of his stage and television appearances. In the same programs as A Late Lunch With Les & Les Patterson and The Great Chinese Takeaway, he had the chance to portray Sir Les Patterson.

His best known films include El Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own and The Adventures of Barry McKenzie, Mary and Max. In addition, he appeared in the films Shock treatmentAmazed, The naked Bunyipand the movie Blinky Bill.

Honors and awards

  • He received the Douglas Wilkie Medal in 1975.
  • For his 1979 production of A Night with Dame Edna, he also received the Society of West End Management’s Comedy Performance of the Year award.
  • In 1997 the Melbourne City Council presented him with the artist award.
  • He was recognized as a Fellow of King’s College in 2017 by King’s College London.

Barry Humphries FAQ

Was Barry Humphries addicted to alcohol?

Barry really had a drinking problem. His career, as well as a second marriage, ended in 1960 as a result of alcoholism. He had a sex addiction in addition to his alcohol problem. He developed an insatiable appetite for rare volumes of poetry as a result of this addiction. Even worse, he claimed that his mother was the source of his addiction, giving rise to the nickname “Lady Edna.”

Did Barry Humphries fall off a cliff?

Barry really did tumble off a cliff. Oliver! plunged 50 meters into cliffs while portraying Sowerby in the film. He was quite lucky and came to rest on a ledge 150 feet below him. He even broke his arm as a result in 1961.

Was Barry Humphries knighted?

He was indeed knighted. He received an honorary award from the Queen for his services thanks to his commitment and persistence in the entertainment industry.

Did Barry Humphries live in Australia?

Yes, Barry was an Australian native who spent his entire life there. He even spent a few decades living in London. He continued to reside in Australia until his passing.

Is Allegra Spender related to Barry Humphries?

Barry and Allegra Spender are not related. Despite both being native Australians, Allegra is a politician and businesswoman, while Barry was a comedian and satirist.

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