1000-lb sisters stars Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham are already facing problems in their marriage, and as of May 2023, the road to divorce seems imminent. Hints of trouble in paradise appeared on their social media accounts in April 2023 and rumors have been confirmed. The couple has faced various challenges and obstacles in their relationship from the beginning and it has most likely become more difficult since they are no longer living in the rehab together.


On 1000-lb sisters, Tammy and Caleb had an unconventional relationship from the start. They became engaged after only three weeks of getting to know each other at the rehab facility. The duo tied the knot shortly after on November 20, 2022, sharing their special day with their closest family and friends. Tammy and Caleb were excited about their future together and it seemed that they 1000-lb sisters star Tammy had finally found the love of her life. However, rumors have surfaced that the newlyweds may already be going their separate ways.

All about the 1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy and Caleb’s Split

Tammy Slaton and Caleb from the 1000-lb Sisters sitting on the couch side by side

According to Parade, Tammy officially breaks up with Caleb due to his inability to stick to his weight loss goals. According to an insider, Tammy felt, “They broke up because Caleb hasn’t followed his diet during rehab. He has gained 30 pounds and has not worked his program.Tammy has been trying to reach her weight loss goals and can’t let an enabler and a co-addict hinder her progress. According to the source, Tammy has lawyers lined up and is ready to file for divorce.

The 1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy dropped hints at the split in recent months

Speculation surrounding the couple’s relationship status surfaced when Tammy made a significant change to her social media accounts. Her followers quickly noticed that her last name on TikTok and Instagram had been changed from Willingham to Slaton earlier this month. This caused speculation that marital problems were going on behind the scenes. The change implied that Tammy and Caleb had broken up.

While 1000-lb sisters star has been relatively quiet about what’s going on, Caleb chooses to be less discreet. Although he doesn’t use social media nearly as much as his better half, he’s had a lot to say. But somehow his statements lead to more questions. Shortly after news of a possible breakup was heard through the grapevine, Caleb posted a cryptic message on Facebook. It didn’t make much sense, though Caleb‘s post is a clear indicator that things did not go well between him and Tammy.

He kept it short and to the point, saying only about the situation, “Since privacy doesn’t exist anymore, here are a few answers … yes and no … not really … and forever … You can fill in the questions.” After his vague response to the rumors was online for the world to see, it raised more questions about the state of their marriage and what it meant for their future together. Caleb may have intended to keep things under wraps with his vague post, but it was a sign of cracks in their marriage.

Despite the lack of direct confirmation of divorce rumors, Tammy has been linked with a new beau. However, the man in question, Greg Morgan, denied Tammy’s claims in a TikTok, claiming that he and Tammy are just friends. The introduction of Greg is another facet of the mess of Tammy and Caleb’s alleged split.

Tammy chooses to remain silent about the state of her marriage, neither confirming nor denying anything Caleb has said. Either way, her husband seems to have said more than enough for both of them. If his post is any indication, they won’t be married much longer and their relationship seems to be past the point of no return on 1000-lb sisters.

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