Game of Thrones may have ended in 2019, but that wasn’t the last audiences have seen of Westeros, as HBO has at least six new Game of Thrones shows in development beyond the successful ones House of the Dragon. Based on George RR Martin’s A song of ice and fire book series, Game of Thrones became the biggest TV show in the world across its eight-season run in the 2010s, so it’s no surprise that the network is looking to expand with a new Game of Thrones series. Game of Thrones season 8 proved extremely divisive, but the world is nonetheless one filled with potential for the small screen. Here are all the new ones Game of Thrones shows currently under development. HotD joined the same ranks as the Golden Globe winner GoTand wins an award for Best Drama TV Show this awards season.


As the streaming wars continue, it becomes increasingly important to have reliable properties to build on. That’s why Disney+ has a ton of Marvel and Star wars shows planned, and while Game of Thrones‘ The popularity isn’t quite at that level – and neither are HBO’s plans – it’s one of the biggest things it has to offer current or potential subscribers. It’s not just on a corporate level that it makes sense though, as there are countless stories to tell from the universe Martin has created thanks to his rich, detailed world-building. It remains to be seen how many new ones Game of Thrones shows will eventually happen, but here’s what HBO has planned for the new one Game of Thrones series.

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The Jon Snow Sequel Series

In June 2022, HBO announced a new Game of Thrones show that centers around Kit Harington’s Jon Snow after his necessary betrayal and murder of Daenerys and consequent banishment beyond the Wall. Given his own Targaryen lineage and the general feeling that under the more monarchy-driven system of the Seven Kingdoms, he should have been king, there’s plenty to explore about his bittersweet deployment beyond The Wall. There’s the possibility of bringing other beloved Starks back into the fold—perhaps when Arya finds out what’s west of Westeros—and a definite possibility of giving Tormund more Giantsbane content, as he’s a central figure in Jon’s band of Wildling companions.

Jon Snow isn’t the only new one Game of Thrones show audiences want to watch as an Arya Stark spinoff is being demanded by audiences. After killing the Night King, Arya decided to go exploring and possibly find out what lies west of Westeros, and people are clamoring to go on the journey with her. Unfortunately during post-GoT final Q&A (via USA today), streaming service HBO’s head of programming Casey Bloys shot the idea down almost immediately, saying quite literally, “No no no.” Maisie Williams has expressed that she wouldn’t be opposed to appearing in the new Jon Snow spinoff series, and she very well could. George RR Martin originally had a rough plan for Jon and Arya to end up together, which was thankfully scrapped Game of Thrones.

Tales of Dunk & Egg

Tales of cans and eggs

In January 2021, it was reported that a new Game of Thrones show based on a series of short stories written by George RR Martin, Tales of Dunk & Egg, was in the early stages of development. There are three published Dunk & Egg stories so far: The hedge knight, The Sworn Swordand The mysterious knight. Set about 90 years before the events of Game of Thrones, the stories are a bit lighter and less epic than the main series, but no less interesting. There hasn’t been much talk about the new thing Game of Thrones show, which does not bode well.

The series follows Dunk, a hedge knight who eventually becomes Ser Duncan the High, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and Egg, his squire, who will one day rule Westeros as King Aegon V Targaryen. Martin plans to publish anywhere from six to 12 novellas and has previously played down the idea of ​​an adaptation happening before the books are finished, which is still a long way off as he continues work on The winds of winter first.

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The Golden Empire and Game of Thrones animated spinoff

The Iron Throne as seen in Game of Thrones

Two adults animated Game of Thrones spinoff has been in early development since January 2021. Animated “Histories & Lore” DVD and Blu-ray extras detail aspects of Westeros’ history so Game of Thrones already has a certain basis for this, even if this notion would obviously have a much larger scope. While The Golden Empire at least have a story to follow, news of the other new Game of Thrones the show has been very sparse.

The other show is based on the Yi Ti dynasty of Essos, George RR Martin’s version of Imperial China (which fans were happy to hear referenced in House of the Dragon). Given the amount of effects work involved in making Game of Thrones, it’s easy to see why animated shows would be an attractive prospect for HBO Max, as it makes CGI-heavy elements such as dragons and direwolves easier to put on screen. Apart from the surroundings, there is very little news regarding The Golden Empire in relation to its history. Either way, both animated spinoffs will be a welcome new medium in GoT universe.

The sea serpent

Corlys Velaryon The sea serpent stands proudly on a beach in the House of the Dragon

Another new one Game of Thrones show in development, The sea serpent is really a possible spinoff of a spinoff. The show will center around Corlys Velaryon, aka Sea Snake, who is portrayed by Steve Toussaint in the House of the Dragon. HBO clearly expects him to be a breakout character, developing a series built around his Great Voyages. The Sea Serpent crossed the seas further than most dared, visiting not only the areas of Essos where Game of Thrones viewers are familiar with but more unfamiliar regions like Yi Ti, amassing incredible wealth along the way. Bryan Heller, who helped create HBO’s Romeis part of the creative team.

With House of the Dragon now winning a Golden Globe, interest in the new Game of Thrones the show has never been louder. Lord Corlys Velaryon plays an integral role in the series, and his loyalty will no doubt be tested as A Dance of Dragons moves forward. As House of the Dragon rolls into Season 2, interest in Corly’s Velaryon and his past will only grow as the previously unchronicled House Velaryon begins to gain a lot of attention. Not much is known about the ancient house in connection with Game of Thrones, as there were no real Velaryon characters in the parent series. The Velaryon line pretty much died out with the Dance of Dragons, but the Velaryon family deserves their day in the sun nonetheless.

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10,000 Ships

The Water Gardens in Dorne in Game of Thrones

Another new one Game of Thrones Show in development is the story of Princess Nymeria of Rhoyne. Rhoynar was destroyed by the Valyrian Freehold about 1,000 years before the events of game of thrones, leading Nymeria to lead her people to safety and freedom. She is said to have ordered 10,000 ships to sail down the river Rhoyne and away from Essos, and while the number may have been inflated, it was clearly an incredible amount and journey nonetheless.

Nymeria and her fleet traveled for years to find a new safe haven, fleeing Naath due to illness before finally settling in Dorne. Nymeria married Lord Mors Martell and together they fought to establish rule over Dorne, eventually transforming it into the principality it is under game of thrones, complete with princes and princesses as rulers rather than kings and queens. Nymeria’s story is among the most fabled in Westeros history, and is associated with Game of Thrones of Arya’s direwolf, who was named after the princess. Person of interest‘s Amanda Segel will write 10,000 Ships , but no other creative team has been confirmed.

The flea market was cancelled

The house sparrow in the flea market

King’s Landing’s Red Keep was often a central focal point of the show, but another area of ​​it had to take center stage in a Game of Thrones spinoff based in Flea Bottom, a slum that is home to most of the city’s brothels and less-than-savory drinking establishments. It was known for both its poverty and crime, but is also where more keys Game of Thrones characters emerged, including Davos Seaworth and Gendry. It’s unclear exactly what story would have been told in Flea Bottom, as it would be more original than based on Martin’s previous works, but it meant there were plenty of paths to go down and showed a different side of life in Westeros. HBO is clearly looking into all sorts of areas Game of Thrones spinoffs, but for unknown reasons decided to cancel this particular one.

Why Bloodmoon was cancelled

The Night King and the White Walkers in Game of Thrones

In the summer of 2018, HBO announced that they were working on a new one Game of Thrones the show takes place 8,000 years before the events of its predecessor. The project, known as Blood moonshould be mentored by author Jane Goldman (Kick ass) and starred Naomi Watts. The series was supposed to chronicle The Long Night and introduce the White Walkers in their earliest stages. Then the show was abruptly pulled from HBO’s slate — but why? The network’s main concern was how the content of the show would hold up in terms of popularity Game of Thrones based on its subject.

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In short, there is very little to work from when it comes to the previously written content on Age of Heroes and The Long Night. In George RR Martin’s novels, The Long Night is usually mentioned in passing, and is an unreliable legend at best. Game of Thrones last season faced significant setbacks, and from season 5 onwards, the series began to dwindle. Instead of making the same mistake with Blood moon by making a new story, the show makers decided to go a different way by adapting Fire and Bloodan established narrative covering the Targaryen Civil War, which has now taken shape House of the Dragon.

The Game Of Thrones spinoffs are off to a good start

House of the Dragon daemon rhaenyra targareyn game of thrones jon snow daenerys

House of the Dragon broke viewership records for HBO and even caused the HBO Max service to crash upon release. The first season consisted of 10 nail-biting episodes that depicted the beginning of the end for the mighty House Targaryen. Whose House of the Dragon proves something, it’s that audiences are hungry for more Game of Thrones content – and the studies are underway. The new Game of Thrones the show has become an instant sensation, bringing in old and new fans. Although more isolated than its parent exhibit, it is Game of Thrones spinoff has set the bar for every spinoff to come after it.

Fans of the new Game of Thrones Show now has indisputable evidence of it House of the Dragon is a star entrance to GoT universe thanks to his recent Golden Globe win. Game of Thrones itself won a total of five Golden Globes during its eight seasons, and it’s possible House of the Dragon could be hot on the heels. HotD had plenty of candidates to go up against for this prestigious award, such as Ozark, Better call Saul, The crownand Resignation. Beating a critically acclaimed drama like Ozark In particular, it is not easy for the fledgling fantasy series. Since House of the Dragon has had such a successful run so far that it can only mean good things for all the newcomers Game of Thrones spinoffs.

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