Lesley Manville married Gary Oldman in 1987, but the couple divorced in 1989, 90 days after the birth of their son Alfie Oldman. Alfie Oldman, son of Lesley Manville, was born in 1988. Grown-Ups (1980), High Hopes (1988), Secrets & Lies (1996), Topsy-Turvy (1999), All or Nothing (2002), Vera Drake (2004 ) ), Another Year (2010), and Mr. Turner was among her films. Lesley Ann Manville CBE is a well-known English actress known for her many collaborations with Mike Leigh (2014). She was nominated for two British Academy Film Awards for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Phantom Thread (2017), which was also nominated for an Academy Award in the same category.

Another Year, for which she played Mary, won an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay and became a household name. In 2017, she began appearing frequently in Harlots and as Cyril in Phantom Thread. She also portrayed Little in the 2014 film Maleficent. According to astrologers, Lesley Manville’s star sign is Pisces. Continue reading to learn more about Lesley Manville’s child.

Alfie Oldman – Lesley Manville’s son

Alfie Oldman, a British film and television assistant photographer, is the son of British actors Gary Oldman and Lesley Manville. In addition, he portrayed Dr. Mountains in the short-lived TV series “Compos Mentis”. Alfie has appeared in a number of films including The Killer’s Bodyguard, The Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Vicious and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Alfie Oldman

Alfie Oldman (full name: Alfie Ronald B. Oldman) was born in Great Britain in 1988. Professionally, he is the son of Lesley Manville. Alfie Oldman graduated from high school. Alfie Oldman then earned his BA from a public university in the United States. Alfie is Gary’s eldest child. Many people are unaware that Gary’s previous marriage was to Lesley, Alfie’s mother, and that the two separated while Alfie was still a youngster.

When they separated, Lesley stayed in the UK while Gary returned to the US. Despite their former antagonism, Alfie and his parents, Gary and Lesley, are now cordial. They were all present at the 2018 Academy Awards. Alfie, as we all know, began his career in film after following in his parents’ footsteps.

Who is Lesley Manville’s husband?

Relationship with Gary Oldman Alfie Oldman when he was younger. Lesley Manville was married twice in her lifetime. She was married to Gary Oldman, an actor and one of her most notable companions, for about three years. Alfie and his mother were placed in seclusion just under three months after his birth. Gary then married four other ladies.

They had already separated in 1990, the year Gary married Raw Fiction actress Uma Thurman. Along with marrying artist Joe Dixon in 2000 and divorcing him in 2004. Despite their failed relationship, the couple maintained a positive attitude and Lesley complimented her ex in a later interview with You magazine. As Lesley accompanied her child to the Institute Grants, she reflected on how “amazing” it had been to see Gary receive the prestigious award.

Alfie Oldman

Lesley Manville net worth

Lesley Manville’s total assets from her acting career currently have a significant net worth of around $2,000,000. Due to her expert characteristics and reputation, she achieves various honors in her career in 2022.

She began her career in 1972 and is still working on blockbuster programs in 2023. Her mature and long tenure, contributed by over 50 years of commitment to the company, has not obscured her expertise and execution. As a teenager, she liked to appear in TV productions in the style of Lord Soot. She was accepted into the Italia Conti Foundation of Theater Expressions at the age of 15. Manville appeared in Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris in 2022 and in Anthony Horowitz’s murder-mystery series Jaybird Murders.

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