Alexandra Jarvis married Sergio Ducoulombier on 14 April 2023 at Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como in Italy. Alexandra Jarvis was a cast member in Season 1 of Selling the OC. Alexandra joined the show as an associate with the Oppenheim Group after graduating from Auburn University. In her first year in the sector, she had a turnover of around 40 million dollars. She has also starred in films such as Clock Work and Feedback.

Sergio Ducoulombier, the founder and CEO of payment network Slip Cash Inc., met her at a restaurant on June 15, 2019. According to Sergio Ducoulombier’s LinkedIn page, Slip and Cash seeks to “enable frictionless cashless acceptance of anything, anywhere, and for anytime from anyone’s phone for any reason.”

Sergio Ducoulombier graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management degree in 1999. There is no more information about Ducoulombier on the internet, but he started working at Slip and Cash in 2019.

Alexandra Jarvis said she wanted an unconventional wedding.

When the pair met for cocktails at the restaurant, they exchanged phone numbers. They were engaged in a private ceremony in Newport Beach, California on December 27, 2020. The news was subsequently shared on the couple’s Instagram account. Alexandra Jarvis, star of Selling the OC, uploaded a photo of them kissing with the caption:

“A great way to ring in the new year.” I am overjoyed to marry the love of my life, best friend and ride or die.”

Alexandra Jarvis

The couple will marry on April 14, 2023. Alexandra Jarvis said the following about her wedding in an interview with People:

“We wanted a very intimate and romantic wedding day free from all the traditional expectations.” So we decided to travel to Italy just the two of us. We’ve been there before and this is where I told him I loved him. He had previously told me he loved me, but I resisted for a long time.”

In addition, Jarvis stated:

“It’s a special place for us.” We chose to get married at Lake Como because the vegetation and natural splendor is absolutely wonderful. It’s just the ideal, romantic setting for what we had in mind.”

Alexandra Jarvis also said during the interview that she did not want a conventional wedding and the burden of entertaining everyone who would come. She wanted an intimate wedding so the couple could exchange their vows and enjoy their time together.

Alexandra Jarvis’ wedding dress was created by the famous designer Michael Costello.

During the interview, she discussed how she was involved in the design of the dress:

“It’s lovely. It’s a completely bespoke dress. I met with Michael months ago and we sat down. I basically described my concept and he sketched it out. It was exactly what I had in mind. He is truly gifted.”

Alexandra Jarvis

Sergio Ducoulombier and Alexandra enjoyed a private boat trip to the neighboring town of Bellagio immediately after exchanging vows. The evening ended with an Italian dinner. Sergio Ducoulombier and Alexandra returned to Orange County after celebrating their marriage with their relatives and friends.

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