Aaron Quinn is a well-known personal trainer, physical therapist, author, media personality and social media influencer from California, USA (born in 1986; age: 38). He became famous after the ABC TV network aired the kidnapping of his wife on their station. According to the sources, Matthew Muller kidnapped his wife Denise Huskins in 2015.

What is Aaron Quinn’s net worth?

Aaron Quinn and his family are living the high life. He lives in a nice house and his wife keeps it spotless all the time. Aaron Quinn also owns a few advanced vehicles and other technology. He earns a respectable amount of money from several sources, including physical therapy and PT. A rough estimate places the value of his effort at approx USD 3 million (approx.).

According to Wiki, Quinn is a somewhat private person who hasn’t talked much about her date of birth. He was born in California, USA in 1986, according to certain media sources. He is 38 years old (as of 2022). His official website stated that after graduating from high school, he enrolled at the University of California, Davis, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in genetics in 2007.

He then completed his Ph.D. in Physical Therapy at Azusa Pacific University in 2010. Additionally, Aaron completed a nine-month residency program in Vallejo, California, specializing in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).

Who is the wife of Aaron Quinn?

About his own life, Aaron Quinn has opened up a lot. According to rumors, Quinn and Jennifer Jones were engaged and previously had a long-term relationship. Currently, not much is known about Jennifer Jones. They called off their wedding and ended their engagement. After much searching, we discovered that he had met Denise at Kaiser after calling off his engagement to Jennifer.

Denise Huskins, spouse of Aaron Quinn, Source: Instagram

After that, they started enjoying each other and decided to spend their entire existence on Earth together. Quinn asked to be married on March 19, 2017, and she enthusiastically replied, “OK!” Aaron and Denise were married on September 29, 2018, and their friends, family and family members showered them with gifts.

Olivia Quinn and her father Aaron Quinn

Let me tell you that Denise Huskins is an author and fitness consultant. Parents to a beautiful newborn daughter, the couple. In 2020, Huskins gave birth to her first child. Their young daughter, Olivia Quinn, who is about 2 years old, goes by that name (until 2022).

The kidnapping case and the story of Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins

According to the sources, Denise Huskins was taken from her house by Matthew Muller on March 23, 2015. Quinn was tied up by Matthew, who also abducted Denise. Aaron Quinn then went to the Vallejo Police Department to ask for assistance from the police and the FBI, but they claimed that he had killed his better half and then made up his friend’s kidnapping story to escape. In Huntington Beach, Matthew Huskins left after two days of sexual assault.

Matthew Muller, the kidnapper of Denise Huskins

Well, the police tried to show Huskins and Aaron the suspects because they didn’t trust them. A comparable incident took place in Dublin at the same time, although Muller was able to be located by police because he had left his phone at the victim’s house there while he was abducted.

Misty Carausu, a former detective with Dublin Police, then questioned whether Muller might be the person who had taken Huskins into custody. After the inquiry, the police discovered that Denise had been kidnapped and physically abused by Matthew Muller. Muller is currently serving a 40-year sentence for kidnapping and sexual assault. The Vallejo Police Department sincerely regrets not trusting Aaron and Denise in 2021.

Family background

Biographical Information – Aaron Quinn has not posted any information online about his family members, not even one iota. Well, after extensive research on the internet, we discovered that his mother’s name is Marianne Quinn and his father’s name is Joseph Quinn. His mother looks after the home, and his father, according to the accounts, had a modest business in his area.

Joseph Quinn and Marianne Quinn are Aaron Quinn’s parents.

However, Aaron left out any information about his siblings. In addition to this, he is an American citizen and professes a strong belief in Christianity. He is also a member of the white ethnic group.

Body measurements

Height (approx.) In feet inches: 5′ 10″.
Meters: 1.78 m.
In centimeters: 178 cm.
Weight (approx.) Kilogram: 63 kg.
In pounds: 139 lbs.
Shoe size 7 United States.
Eye color Blue.
Hair length Map.
Hair color Dark brown.
Tattoos None.
Piercing None.

Do you know about Aaron Quinn’s career and work history?

Aaron Quinn began helping those affected by neurological injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, strokes and spinal cord injuries after finishing his schooling. Later, after completing his training in the Anat Baniel method, he expanded his treatment options for children with specific needs.

He reportedly serves as a personal trainer for the individuals and is currently part of the Apiros squad. Training athletes from high school to the professional/Olympic level is his area of ​​work. On his social media accounts, he has also posted a few pictures of his own creations.

Book by Denise Huskins

Together with his better half, Aaron Quinn created a book about the kidnapping, the trauma and the response of the police officers. Victim F: From Crime Victims to Suspects to Survivors is the name of the book which was released on June 8, 2021.

Social Media

Top 5 things to know about Aaron Quinn

  • To improve their lives, Aaron always makes time for his wife and child.
  • He has 26 posts and 808 followers on their Instagram account (as of April 2022).
    Account on Instagram for Aaron Quinn
  • Quinn strives to make a difference in the world because she is a social worker.
  • At the time of Denise’s abduction, authorities suspected him of killing his wife.
  • A few videos of Aaron Quinn’s work have been uploaded to his social media accounts.

An FAQ about Aaron Quinn

Aaron Quinn: Who is he?

American personal trainer, physiotherapist and media personality Aaron.

How old is Aaron Quinn?

a 38-year-old (from 2022).

Who is Aaron Quinn’s ex-fiancée?

Jessica Jones

Who took Denise Huskins hostage?

Muller, Matthew.

What is Aaron Quinn’s wealth?

USD $3,000,000 (approx).

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