A$AP Rocky has shared a new track called ‘Same Problems?’, revealing that his fourth studio album is “finished”.

The New York-born artist premiered the song last month as part of his Amazon Music Live Thursday Night Football performance, with the studio version landing on streaming services yesterday (January 18).

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‘Same problems?’ sees A$AP reflect on the role he has potentially played in perpetuating violence within the rap music scene.

How many problems are solved?/ Am I a product of things I saw?/ How many problems are solved?/ Am I proud of the things in my songs?” he asks in the single’s chorus.

During an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1A$AP explained that he wrote the track because he “felt remorse”.

“I think I felt bad. I think I also felt a sense of guilt because whenever we lose someone in our society, we all — especially me — have a habit of just saying things like, ‘That is messed up. It’s wrong. Why do things like this happen?'” he said.

“You ask a lot of questions and usually… I never took the time to really understand that I was part of the problem because I was contributing those kinds of lyrics and stuff to songs.”

You can listen to ‘Same problems?’ over.

A$AP also promised that the follow-up to his third album ‘Testing’ (2018) was “on the way”.

“It’s done and we’re just putting the finishing touches on it,” he said. “The new thing is that I’m vulnerable and it’s just no filter and just where I’m at in my stage. My age and how I see things, my peers, the younger kids, the older cats, that’s just my perspective .”

Last month, A$AP Rocky released a new track he made for the video game Need For Speed ​​​​Unbound‘Shittin’ me’.

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