Louise Vandercourt lives in a modern day castle, but she does not believe in fairy tales, nor the silly ideas of love that are associated with them. However, she does believe in the power of money and knows it can buy her anything, including the Beauty that walks by her property every day. No one tells Louise no, and no matter what the cost, Louise will have her Beauty by her side forever. Though life seems to be at its worst, Adara Monroe still believes in fairytale endings, and the majestic castle not far from her home may be the very place where it could happen. Love, laughter, and happily ever afters, all these things must be so close . . . When a series of events forces Adara to reside in the castle, she soon realizes that not all fairy tales are filled with happiness and princesses full of love. In fact, some are cursed with darkness and a very cruel Beast. In order for Adara to have the happily ever after she has always desired, she must find a way to break the curse of the castle, and the curse of the one that has taken hold of her as well.

Contains mature themes.

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