Intense, emotional, steamy and dramatic, this book captured and held my interest easily and well. I loved the chemistry between Zavir and Liv. Zavir is fierce and very alpha. To start he seems to be very cold and unlikable, but as the story progresses and we get in his head we learn that still waters run deep. In the end I was a huge fan and was in fact quite swoony for him. Liv, I felt for. The position she was in was not enviable. Spunky, determined, protective and committed to doing what she felt was right, she was definitely a heroine you could connect with and root for. The story is beautifully written, the plot engaging and as a whole the book is exciting, entertaining and enjoyable. If you like plenty of heat, hot aliens that know what they want and sci-fi themes, you don’t want to miss this one. Only single narration on this book. However, I thought the narrator had a pleasing voice and provided a very entertaining performance. This is my impartial and independent review.

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