Jasmine Pineda from 90 day fiance franchise thinks she’s not enjoying her vacations when she writes about them online. The Panama native is one of the most entertaining stars in the franchise. Jasmine debuted on the show in 2021 and after becoming the season’s MVP, she has returned to the screen with her American partner, Gino Palazzolo. However, Jasmine has changed a lot from last season, which many viewers may have a problem with. The 35-year-old reality star has dramatically changed her physical appearance and uses coarse language to describe her sex life with Gino.


Although there is a dip in Jasmine’s popularity, she has some loyal fans who like to follow her life in Panama via social media. However 90 day fiance franchise star has decided to avoid writing about her whereabouts while traveling. Jasmine recently posted an Instagram story to reveal what she had experienced while on vacation. She wrote, “Evil eye is real.” Jasmine continued, “Last time I posted my vacation in real time: first time I got robbed; I didn’t Enjoy; I had so many crazy problems.” Jasmine has planned to write her travel memories once she has returned safely from her vacation.

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Jasmine & Gino’s Before The 90 Days Storyline Explained

Jasmine and Gino first met through a sugar daddy website during the pandemic, and after talking for a while online, they decided to meet in person in Panama. During Season 5, the couple displayed several red flags in their relationship, but still got engaged and believed they could work on their issues. But the new season shows that their relationship has become even more unhealthy. Gino doesn’t want Jasmine to walk over him and she has stopped respecting his feelings. Some of Jasmine‘s actions in the past season even suggest that she may have cheated on Gino with her Australian ex-boyfriend Dane.

Although Jasmine and Gino have an 18-year age difference between them and are not compatible, they seem to be in love. Despite several fights and heated arguments, they want to work on their problems and build a future together in the United States. Gino has already applied for Jasmine’s K-1 visa and the couple is now waiting to complete the process. Now that Jasmine has decided not to post about her adventures, fans may not see hints in her photos to see if she’s gone to America just yet.

Since Jasmine had bad experiences during her vacations, it makes sense for her to believe that the evil eye is real. She probably thinks that someone who is envious of her success and fun life has brought her bad luck. However, she cannot benefit from not posting on social media during holidays. As Jasmine tries to build a social media following and succeed as an adult star, she should post in real time on Instagram to connect with her followers. If she posts stories about her vacation after she gets home, it won’t look real to her 90 day fiance fans.

Source: Jasmine Pineda/Instagram, Jasmine Pineda/Instagram

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