Usman Umar has shared a poster for his new web series, Yahoo Boy. 90 Day Fiancé fans are back in splits after spotting several mistakes in the poster.

Usman Umar from 90 day fiance franchise is being mocked on social media for featuring in a web series called Yahoo boy. The Nigerian reality star is famous for her chaotic relationships on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days with two American women, Lisa Hamme and Kimberly Menzies. Since both women are US citizens and at least 20 years older than Usman, it is believed that the Nigerian musician is running a romantic scam to get to the US.


Even after being branded a fraud, 90 day fiance Usman Umar has decided to appear in a series, Yahoo boy, which is a term used to describe a Nigerian man who carries out internet scams, especially abroad. Unintentionally 90 day fiance star has given his critics, who are already calling him a fraud, another chance to mock him. A Redditor ShelterConscious4124 posted a poster for the series titled, “Google what a Yahoo Boy is if you don’t know – what a fun role for Usman.”

Many Redditors were hysterical to find out that 90 day fiance franchise star will star Yahoo boy after consistently claiming he is not a fraud.

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90 Day Fiancé fans spot mistake

Usman Sojaboy Umar and Kim Menzies are all smiles at 90 days engaged

After learning about Usman’s acting debut and seeing the show’s poster, a Redditor commented, “‘An Soja boy web series’? I know scammers usually use bad grammar to weed out fraudbut.” Another Redditor jokingly pointed out that one of the series’ writers is named “MODE FASHION.” Another asked a sincere question, “Is the trailer out or coming soon? It says both lol.” It seems that Usman and his production team not only made a few grammatical errors but also a factual error while designing the poster. The trailer of Yahoo boy is already published on Usmans YouTube channel and the 13 episodes of this series will be released soon.

While the trailer isn’t really attention-grabbing, it’s interesting that even though Usman has previously been grilled by fans in the thread, “can’t wait to see” him in Yahoo boy. Although the Nigerian reality star is not one of the most beloved cast members 90 day fiance franchise, his work is getting attention, at least on Reddit. But viewers might just be waiting to creep on Yahoo boy‘s story and find out if Usman actually plays the role of a Nigerian con artist in the series.

The most interesting thing about the trailer on YouTube is that it has not received many views or comments from fans. As Usman claims to be a well-known musician in Sokoto, Nigeria, it is surprising that he has just managed to get 1.3K views on the video in two days, and a handful of comments. Either Usman is not a popular personality in Nigeria or his fans are not looking forward to see his acting debut. Nevertheless, fans can hope that 90 day fiance franchise alum will find success as an actor.

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Source: ShelterConscious4124/Save your, Usman Umar/Youtube

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