Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead: Dead City episode 6


  • The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1 advanced the character arcs of Maggie and Negan, tying up loose ends from the main show.
  • The introduction of the New Babylon Federation and its origins are still a mystery, but may be explored in Dead City Season 2.
  • The absence of zombie variants, the whereabouts of the new Hilltop, and the lack of CRM villains leave unanswered questions for future episodes.

Several questions remained unanswered The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1. Acts as a spinoff for two of the main series’ main characters, Dead City was able to tie up loose ends from The Walking Dead and maybe reveal more secrets in his world. And by the end of the series’ first six-episode season, Dead City really advanced Maggie and Negan’s character arcs in meaningful ways.

The show also made an effort to expand the scope of The Walking Dead universe by venturing into New York City, which was uncharted territory for the franchise. However, there were so many areas of Walking Dead universe that it did not touch, leaving these as matters for the other spinoffs to address. There were also mysteries Dead City self-created that ultimately stuck. Here are seven questions that still need answers Dead City season 1 ends.

8 Where did the New Babylon Federation come from?

Thanks to Dead City, The Walking Dead franchise has a whole new community. The series premiere introduced the New Babylon Federation, which appears to be a network of settlements based somewhere in the New England region of the United States. They are clearly in a better place than most Walking Dead community, given that they have vehicles, law enforcement, and more. As to how such a powerful organization was formed, it has yet to be explained.

While New Babylon ended up playing a role in Dead City’s story via Perlie, they were never a big player as the story mainly took place in Manhattan. But the leader’s introduction in the season finale and her threats to Perlie make it likely that New Babylon will receive more attention in Dead City season 2. If that happens, their origins can be explored.

7 Where is the new hilltop?

Ginny on the hilltop in Walking Dead Dead City

As it turns out, Bakketoppen had a change in location after The Walking Dead’s End. As Maggie explained, Negan and the Whisperers burning it down led to the people of Hilltop settling elsewhere. The original hilltop was in Virginia, but the rebuilt society’s whereabouts have never been revealed in-universe. As Maggie and Negan drove past New Babylon’s welcome sign before dropping Ginny off, it’s possible that Hilltop now resides within Federation borders, but that remains unconfirmed. Either way, it looks like it might be in New York now, since it shouldn’t be forgotten that Ginny made it from the Hilltop to Manhattan on a bicycle.

6 What happened to the zombie variants?

Walking Dead Dead City Variant Zombie

The rise of zombie variants in The Walking Dead’s final episodes set important expectations for the future of the franchise. Because they arrived so late in the show’s run, it made sense that the point of introducing them was to lay the groundwork for them to feature heavily in the spinoffs. Dead City certainly introduced some unique zombie situations such as the mutant sewer walker in Dead City episode 5, but no true variants ever appeared in Maggie and Negan’s series.

5 Does Negan ever go back to his family?

Medina Senghore as Annie and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 11 gave Negan a new family by introducing Annie and his unborn child, only for his spinoff series to separate them indefinitely. IN Dead City, it is explained that Negan left Annie and his son Joshua out of concern for their safety. Knowing that the killing of the New Babylon judge has put a target on his back, Negan let them travel to Missouri without him. So far, it looks like he has no intention of catching up with them, so it’s hard to say how long he plans to be gone. It may be that Negan won’t return until New Babylon loses interest in him, but there’s no way of knowing when the manhunt will die down.

4 No sign of The Walking Dead’s CRM villains

As the group that abducted Rick Grimes cast a shadow on Fear the Walking Deadand served as the main antagonists of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, CRM are arguably the ultimate villains in the franchise. Except for their presence in Rick’s Walking Dead series finale, they never made it back into the story after season 9. As a result, it made sense for the franchise to save them for spinoffs. By all indications, these plans are not panning out Dead City – or at least not yet.

If it lasts for several seasons, CRM could eventually enter Maggie and Negan’s orbit. But for now, CRM may just be history The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. They obviously have the most relevance to Rick and Michonne’s spinoff, but CRM’s status as the big bads The Walking Dead with far-reaching influence should make them a factor in other stories as well.

3 Will Georgie ever return to The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead Georgie

A character originally thought to be the main show’s take on Commonwealth’s Pamela Milton, Jayne Atkinson’s Georgie was seen as a massive addition to The Walking Dead myth. Unfortunately, the franchise has yet to pay her Walking Dead debut. It never brought her back, apparently writing her out of the story entirely by explaining that she and her people went somewhere to the west. Whatever meaning she was supposed to have The Walking Dead the universe remains ambiguous, but her connection to Maggie matters Dead City have the means to change it. Season 1 refrained from using her, but Season 2 could always give her a cameo or maybe a recurring role.

2 How did the Dama become so powerful?

Lisa Emery as Dama in Walking Dead Dead City

Played by Lisa Emery, Damaen was revealed as the true villain of the series in the finale. For now, not much is known about who she really is, including her real name. What is known, however, is that she intends to control Negan for her own purposes. Not only that, but she wants to take control of New York City. Whether this can actually be done is open to speculation, but her confidence and resources seem to make this prospect possible. The existence of such a powerful crime boss raises further questions about Damaen and how she became such an under-the-radar threat.

1 Why did Maggie seem to be afraid of heights?

Maggie and Negan on a roof in The Walking Dead: Dead City

The Walking Dead: Dead City provided an interesting story tease when it hinted that Maggie had a fear of heights in episode 2. Due to Maggie experiencing a rare moment of fear when they had to use the zipline, there was a sense that this would be important later on. It could have been caused by an event that the series had yet to show. But even if it wasn’t, it felt like an issue she’d have to deal with in future situations, but oddly it never came up again, making its inclusion in the episode a bit of a head scratcher. That being said, there is a chance The Walking Dead: Dead City planted this seed as setup for a Season 2 subplot.

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