Before you impress the audience The whaleBrendan Fraser hadn’t taken on a leading role in Hollywood for a while, but he continued to make his mark on entertainment in recent years by lending his voice to Robotman in the DC Universe series Doom Patrol. However, he has had some other huge successes to date. Instead of looking at critics’ picks, it’s often better to look at fan-favorite polls on IMDb.

The popular movie website has assigned each Fraser film a star rating, and this score is based on votes from registered users on a scale of 1 to 10.

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Brendan Fraser has always been a fan-favorite actor, from his goofy start as a caveman in a Pauly Shore movie and rock star in an Adam Sandler car to the top of the world as a leading man in The mummy. However, Fraser disappeared for many years, although he never stopped working. Now, in 2022, Fraser is getting the critical attention he always deserved. Fraser’s role in The whale, Darren Aronofsky’s new film, has his name thrown into the mix for Best Actor awards at this year’s upcoming ceremonies and announcements. That said, Fraser has a lot of good movies that fans loved, with several of them ranking high on IMDb.


Still Breathing (1997) – 6.5

This 1997 drama focuses on the relationship between a con artist (Joanna Going) and a puppeteer (Fraser), who end up meeting in California after being connected by a similar dream.

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The film was full of charm and romance. Additionally, the layered narrative was well supported by the stars’ convincing performances.

Blast From The Past (1999) – 6.7

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Brendan Fraser and Alecia Silverstone hug in Blast from the Past

This wholesome romantic comedy from the 90s tells the story of a 35-year-old man named Adam. He spent his entire life underground with his neurotic parents, who hope to stay safe from the dangers of the Cuban Missile Crisis. But after their shelter opens in 1999, Adam visits the surface and navigates modern life despite his naivety.

Fraser directs the film, while Alicia Silverstone plays the woman his character falls for in the real world. While the film flopped at the box office, the leads’ hilarious, ironic humor and chemistry still shines today, and Buzz from the past remains arguably Fraser’s most important role.

With Honors (1994) – 6.7

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This 1994 comedy-drama follows a graduate student whose thesis ends up in the possession of a homeless man. Although this leads to tension between the two, they soon begin to bond and learn a lot about life from each other.

Fraser plays the student, while Joe Pesci plays his unlikely friend. The film was initially panned by critics for being full of clichés. That being said, the audience couldn’t help but enjoy the quality acting.

The Air I Breathe (2007) – 6.7

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Based on the Chinese proverb that life is divided into four emotions (happiness, pleasure, sadness and love), this crime drama follows a set of individuals who represent each of these emotions. Their stories end up overlapping.

Fraser takes on the character Pleasure, who is able to foresee the future of those around him. Though ThatAir I breathe received low critical reviews as With honorsthe formulaic narrative worked for audiences interested in the strong cast and layered story.

School Ties (1992) – 6.9

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Brendan Fraser in school ribbon

A young Fraser starred in this 1992 sports drama about a working-class Jewish teenager who attends a top school in Massachusetts during his senior year of high school thanks to good grades and football skills. Unfortunately, he quickly encounters prejudice from the other students, who he initially thinks are his friends.

Although critical reviews were mixed, the general audience was pleasantly surprised by the riveting story. In combination with Matt Damon, Fraser helped make this tale something worth talking about.

The Secret Of Karma (2020) – 7.0

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Brendan Fraser in Secrets of Karma promo photo.

While people claim that Brendan Fraser disappeared until he returned with The whale in 2022 that is not necessarily true. He starred in a lot of smaller films that were dropped by many fans and this included the 2020 release The Secret of Karma.

The film had only 79 total votes as of December 2022 on IMDb, but received a nice 7.0 rating for Fraser. The film’s original title was Behind the curtain of night and is a reincarnation drama where Fraser plays a man who has died twice in his life and this film follows his journey through his past, present and future before his latest revival. Marcia Cross plays God in the film.

The Quiet American (2002) – 7.0

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This 2002 adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel The Quiet American merges a murder mystery and a love triangle into a tale set against the backdrop of the Franco-Indochina War in Vietnam. Here, an English journalist and an American find themselves falling for the same Vietnamese woman.

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Fraser plays the latter of these two men, and the film has undoubtedly found a strong following thanks to how many of the novel’s themes survive in the big screen adaptation. With believable performances and thoughtful layers, the film remains highly underrated.

The Mummy (1999) – 7.1

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Rick O'Connell and Evelyn Carnahan in a promo photo for The Mummy.

In 1999, Brendan Fraser took the lead role in the film he is perhaps best known for: The mummy. This action horror film, loosely based on the 1932 Universal Horror Movie of the same name, follows explorer Rick O’Connell, Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan and Evelyn’s brother Jonathan in search of treasure.

After accidentally awakening a revenge-driven mummified priest, the gang must band together to prevent the world from facing his wrath. The 90s blockbuster was thoroughly engrossing and entertaining and earned a sequel and a spinoff series.

Dogfight (1991) – 7.4

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Brendan Fraser watches intently in Dogfight

This 1991 film follows a Marine in his 60s who hopes to spend his last night before deployment in San Francisco with his friends. Although their idea of ​​a night out involves rating girls by their attractiveness, it isn’t long before he begins to fall for the young woman he initially plans to mock.

Although River Phoenix stars as the marine and Lili Taylor plays his love interest, Fraser appears in a minor role as a sailor who fights with Phoenix’s marine friends. While Dog fight had a low box office opening, fans couldn’t help but be interested in the surprisingly sweet story.

Gods And Monsters (1998) – 7.4

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James Whale and Clayton Boone star together in Gods & Monster.

The legendary Ian McKellen teamed up with Brendan Fraser in this period drama based on the later days of director James Whale’s life. The Hollywood director was famous for bringing Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein to the big screen, but he struggled with depression and health complications in his old age.

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He welcomes gardener Clayton Boone into his life, but their friendship proves to have its challenges as Whale and Boone have different ideas about where they want to go. The complex narrative left viewers mesmerized.

Crash (2004) – 7.8

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Brendan Fraser as District Attorney Rick Cabot in Crash.

Prior to Fraser’s exciting return in 2022, his highest-grossing IMDb film of all time was Crash. Although the film won Best Picture over Brokeback Mountain at the Oscars remains controversial, Crash has still garnered a solid fan following, though few still talk about this 2000s drama film.

Crash follows a series of people living in Los Angeles, including a lawyer and his wife, a set of detectives in a relationship, a wealthy couple, a shop owner and a police officer who are drawn into a tale of social problems. In addition to Best Picture, Crash took home Best Film Editing and Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars.

The Whale (2022) – 8.1

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Brendan Fraser sits in a room in The Whale.

In 2022, Brendan Fraser roared back into the limelight with his starring role in The whale. The film is Darren Aronofsky’s latest film and tells the story of a man who has harmed himself over the years by overeating. Now hundreds of pounds down, he finds he has just a week to live and sets out to reconcile with his estranged daughter.

Critics were lukewarm to the film, resulting in a relatively low Rotten Tomatoes score. But fans loved The whale, resulting in an extremely high audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and a very high 8.1 on IMDb. Fraser could win his first Oscar for this film, and it’s a return to form for a leading man who over the last decade drifted into character starring in supporting roles.

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