The MCU offers many interesting characters and relationships. Some are well known and held in high esteem by the fandom, like the pairing of Captain America and Peggy Rogers or Daredevil and Elektra. However, some Marvel Comics pairings will likely never see the light of day in cinematic adaptations due to how odd they were.

While some couples are too different to be compatible, others are simply wrong. Whatever the case, the contrasting couples remain interesting stories from the comics, even though the couples were almost doomed from the start.


Deadpool and Shiklah

With an eclectic taste in men, to say the least, the Queen of the Undead Shiklah was married to wisecracking Deadpool before moving on to her current significant other, Dracula. As strange as the Dracula partnership is, the marriage she had with Deadpool is even more bizarre. The couple even produced a child, a daughter named Warda, whose existence has been hidden from Wade by Skiklah. Despite being warned by Blade that Shiklah is a monster, Deadpool nevertheless develops a relationship with her, which then deteriorates due to Deadpool becoming more of a good guy, who she claims is not the type of man she married with. Plus, she cheated on him with Werewolf by Night.

The Thing And Ms. Marvel

The Thing And Ms.  Marvel

The Sharon Ventura version of Ms. Marvel (after Carol Danvers) had a relationship with Ben Grimm for a period in the 80s. When Ms. Marvel joined the Fantastic Four, mutated a shuttle accident involving cosmic rays, Ms. Marvel for She-Thing.

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Friends from the start, Ms. Marvel and the Thing, became romantically involved after the mutation. However, things went sour for the pair when Ventura agreed to ally himself with Dr. Doom with the promise that he would return her to her human form, which upset Ben that she would ever partner with a villain.

Elektra and the Punisher

Elektra and the Punisher

Despite being an assassin who has worked for the likes of the Kingpin, Elektra was still a love interest for the Punisher, a justice-minded warrior against major criminals. The pair started out as only a physical relationship, but then morphed into a loving, if not macabre, relationship. Nevertheless, the solitary nature of each of them coupled with the Punisher’s moral rigidity and Elektra’s penchant for duplicity proved too much for them to stand and eventually go their separate ways.

Daredevil and Black Widow

Daredevil and Black Widow

The romantic pairing of Daredevil and Black Widow was unlikely and a bit odd due to the headstrong nature and independence that both characters display, making it seem like a couple that would butt heads. Still, for a period in the 70s, the pair were perfectly matched.

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It started when Matt Murdock was Natasha’s lawyer. The two eventually fell for each other and liked the idea of ​​mixing their hero and civilian lives together. However, it didn’t prove to work in the end, with the pair ultimately being too different and clashing.

Captain America and the Wasp

Captain America and The Wasp

In it Ultimates series, Captain America dates the Wasp after he punches Hank Pym for nearly killing her. Pym, i Ultimates, has been notorious for his violent behavior, so many saw Janet’s relationship with Captain America as justified. But in a strange twist, Janet found the generation gap between her and Steve too great and began seeing Pym again behind Rogers’ back. Eventually, the Wasp left Captain America to return to Ant-Man. It doesn’t seem likely that this will ever be a plot point in any future MCU Phase 5 projects.

Invisible Woman and Namor

Invisible Woman and Namor

Anyone who isn’t Reed Richards seems like an odd match for Sue Storm. Regardless, this was the case when The Invisible Woman joined Marvel’s answer to Aquaman, Namor. Their story begins with Sue’s dissatisfaction with a workaholic Reed, who pushes her into a relationship with Namor; not exactly a good start for this couple. Namor then kidnaps Sue Storm to be his queen, but she was still in love with Reed, so they split up. Things last a bit longer for the two in the Earth 772 version, where Sue and Namor get married and have a child. However, the pairing in that universe also ends when Sue goes back to Reed.

Storm and Black Panther

Storm and Black Panther

Somewhat unpopular with fans due to the re-creation that made this relationship and later marriage possible, the union of Storm and T’Challa was cemented in Black panther volume 4: #18 in 2006 when the couple got married. What was particularly strange as well as frustrating for Storm fans was that the relationship made Storm submissive, which is in complete contrast to the character as a whole.

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Storm and Black Panther were also mainly separated from each other much of the time due to busy schedules working on different teams, the X-Men and Avengers respectively. As a result, it wasn’t that big of a deal when the marriage was annulled in 2012.

Doctor Doom and Scarlett Witch

Dr.  Doom and the Scarlet Witch

One of the most powerful Marvel villains of all time, Doctor Doom is the arch-rival of Reed Richards, as the Fantastic Four attempt to thwart Doctor Doom’s efforts to dominate the world. However, that doesn’t mean Doctor Doom doesn’t have time for romance. IN Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, Scarlet Witch’s will to exist child Wiccan searched for her and found her betrothed to Doctor Doom. The couple seemed to genuinely love each other, although Wanda had some legitimate trust issues with Victor. Eventually things didn’t work out and Scarlett Witch would move on to another strange coupling with Captain America.

She-Hulk and Thor

She-Hulk and Thor embrace in Marvel comics.

Most people would associate Thor’s love life with the human object of his love Jane Foster. Yet this powerful Asgardian mythical god becomes entangled with She-Hulk in 2020 Empire comics that saw the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, along with other superheroes, come together to prevent an invasion by the Kree/Skrull armada. While the pair seem compatible in their strength, power and appearance, the relationship was very different from what viewers would expect from each of the characters, who were mostly involved with ordinary people before this strange coupling.

Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver

Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver

The brother-sister duo Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are in a romantic relationship in Ultimates series. Magneto’s offspring, Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver’s incestuous relationship is even widely known and apparently accepted by the other characters in the series such as the Wasp. That Ultimates the series is intended to be in an alternate universe and separate from mainstream Marvel continuity. Nevertheless, it is an odd choice for the characters to say the least.

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