Although some weren’t too happy with the leaked graphics of Grand Theft Auto 6 (via Screen Rant), some players are still excited about the future of the franchise. GTA V has set the bar when it comes to story, gameplay, and graphics across the open-world RPG genre, so it’s understandable that many of its fans have high hopes for its sequel.

Despite receiving many positive reviews, GTA V is not a perfect game. Now that the game is almost a decade old, it is relevant for Rockstar Games to hear what the fans are saying and accept some of the most valid criticisms of the game, especially since it can GTA 6 a better game.


GTA V needs high system requirements

Upon publication, GTA V was loved by gamers for its expansive open world environment and gameplay. However, some players who do not have high-end hardware felt that they were missing out due to the game’s high system requirements.

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Even gamers whose setups met the minimum requirements were not able to enjoy it thoroughly as they constantly encountered performance issues like poor graphics and low frame rates. It is also unfair to some players that they have to upgrade their systems just to play the game. GTA V’s high system requirements have ultimately prevented the gaming community from fully enjoying it.

The card is too big

Map of GTA San Andreas

GTA V’s the map is huge, so much so that it has lots of secret GTA locations unknown to players, including the Clock Tower and the Hidden Mine. However, the game has been criticized for its large map. First, navigating the game can be overwhelming and finding certain locations can feel time-consuming.

The game’s large map also contributes to some performance issues that players may encounter, such as low graphics quality. It also makes the game less replayable and causes repetitive side missions that take the fun out of the game. While the work the developers have put into creating a comprehensive game is much appreciated, its large map has been a source of irritation for some.

GTA V’s characters are poorly written

Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V wearing a green letterman jacket and holding a baseball bat.

While the franchise is known for some star characters, including Wade Hebert and Big Smoke, who have only appeared in one GTA game, some of the characters in GTA V has been called out for being poorly written. The biggest criticism is that they are one-dimensional and lack any depth.

Due to the fact that in-game characters like Franklin and Trevor are mostly defined by their criminal relationships, the writers don’t put much emphasis on their personal struggles and motivations. Additionally, the satirical aspect of the characters does not effectively critique modern society as the way they are written lacks insight and purpose.

The side missions are unsatisfactory

Michael aims a gun at night in GTA V

One of the biggest mistakes GTA V Players doing their first playthrough are bypassing the side missions. But the reason some players do it is because the side missions don’t add much to the game’s narrative and often leave them unsatisfied.

Some side missions are repetitive and as a result are largely uninteresting. And the fact that these are not mandatory allows players to stay focused on the main story of the game. Unsatisfying missions include “Strangers and Freaks” as well as “Taxi” and “Tow Truck”, all of which are time-consuming and boring compared to the rest of the game.

GTA V’s phone call feature is annoying

GTA Online phone calls are annoyingly worse than microtransactions Never stop

GTA V has drawn many players due to its many exciting in-game features and extensive knowledge. However, the phone calling feature hasn’t received much love. The phone call feature allows players to receive calls from other players in the game, although it can feel intrusive and unnecessary at times.

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Sometimes the calls from the phone can be constant which can be distracting. What’s more, it’s not fully integrated into the narrative, so most calls don’t add much to a character’s personality and development. It’s also not optional, so it can be a nuisance, especially for those who just want to focus on completing the game.

GTA V feels like a rehash of its predecessors

Franklin chatting with a man by the pool in GTA V

GTA V shares a lot of similar elements with its predecessors, leading to criticism that it is a rehash of earlier ones Grand Theft Auto game. It doesn’t help that the game has reused the same location as San Andreas and featured old characters.

The missions in GTA V also has very familiar objectives to boot, including killing enemies, robbing stores, and stealing cars. While it is undeniable that the game is packed with new features, its similarities to previous games in the series spoil the players’ gaming experience.

GTA V’s depiction of violence and torture is offensive

GTA torture scene

That Grand Theft Auto franchise has always been known for showing quite a bit of violence, but GTA V might have taken it too far. In the game, some depictions of violence and torture have been considered offensive, including acts of violence that include shooting, beating, and torturing characters. It also doesn’t help that the violence takes place in a realistic and very graphic way.

There’s also the obvious problem that some instances of violence in the game lack context, making it feel pointless. Furthermore, it minimizes the impact of violence, as the characters who commit horribly vicious acts are shown to have no consequences and consequences, whether it’s a quick assassination or a lengthy torture scene.

GTA V has a lot of bugs

Trevor and Michael argue indoors in GTA V

Despite being a triple-A game that was developed by a popular game studio, GTA V has its fair share of bugs that can disrupt the gaming experience. In fact, there were many complaints about the game crashing unexpectedly, causing some players to start some missions from scratch.

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There have also been plenty of bugs in the game’s physics, causing cars and other objects in the game to move erratically, which then takes away from the realism of the game. Fortunately, the developers have fixed bugs through updates, but there is no doubt that the bugs have made the game less enjoyable to play.

GTA V’s narrative is bad

Michael yelling at a woman on the street in GTA V

Lifetime of Grand Theft Auto franchise is also because of its incredible narratives that include heartbreaking stories such as Big Smoke’s Betrayal. However, the fifth entry in the franchise has been criticized for its narrative, largely due to its three main characters involved in a convoluted story.

Also, the characters lack any development in the game, so much so that they don’t grow through the missions and hardships they face. The story of GTA V is incredibly complex, but certain aspects of it take away from the enjoyment of players.

The features in GTA V are too expensive

Michael and Frankin chatting by the pool in GTA V

Purchasing properties is a very important mechanic in GTA V as these allow players to earn more money and access new missions. But compared to previous games in the series, the properties in GTA V are exorbitantly priced, forcing players to grind a lot just to complete the game.

Moreover, the properties do not even provide a sustainable income and their high cost cannot be easily justified. Some of the most expensive properties in the game include Arcadius Business Center and Lago Zancudo Hangar. Although specific properties have their advantages, it may not be worth buying them due to the incredibly high cost.

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