Production of high-quality farming games has slowed somewhat since the industry’s peak, Stardew Valley, entered its final state, with the developers saying that players shouldn’t expect another huge update as they move on to other works. But fortunately, this does not mean that the genre has died out yet.

With Stardew Valley as the goal to strive for, many promising developers and titles both past and present now have their sights set on them as the genre’s enthusiasts spread out in hopes of new and fresh experiences. It is not an exaggeration to say that such titles have touched Stardew Valley‘s success and improved it.


Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator (2021)

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator is largely an idle game where the playable character, after finding an abandoned home in the middle of nowhere, decides to settle in it and run their apothecary business. But to brew something as mysterious as a potion, the player will of course need some magical ingredients.

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While agriculture is not exactly the focus for Potions Craft harvesting herbs and flora to then process into potion ingredients is what the game is all about. Ignoring this aspect only means failing to meet the expectations of customers who sometimes visit and ask for poisons or magic potions. As players process more ingredients, their repertoire of available concoctions only increases, making gathering resources all the more important.

Harvestella (2022)


Very rarely do RPG mechanics combine with something as mundane as farming, and it’s even rarer that the two combine and go well together. IN Harvestellaplayers take on the role of an amnesiac survivor who wants nothing more than to live peacefully on their farm and end the attack on the town they’ve been living with from a mysterious force.

With changing seasons, dynamic enemy battles and plenty of characters to bond with, Harvestella is a good mix of two popular genres that manages to find a balance between them that neither makes the experience too frustrating nor too boring. The only downside might be that for a farming game, the farming mechanics are very bare and basic.

Rune Factory 5 (2022)

Rune Factory 5

With the first installment released in 2006, Rune Factory 5 is the culmination of over a decade of tweaks and tweaks to a beloved series about fighting monsters and managing a farm. Although only this time, players will do so as part of SEED, a peacekeeping organization.

In addition to a varied farming system and intricate combat mechanics, players engage Rune Factory 5 will have access to features not prevalent in other games. Such as the feature to connect with a spouse and even have a child with them, regardless of gender. That coupled with the fact that this game has well over 40 hours of content for players to indulge in makes it a contender for one of the best games where you can raise a character in the game.

Sun Haven (2021)

Sun Haven

Sun Haven fans of fantasy and farming games fell in love upon release with its intricate lore-filled world and abundance of content. It has something for everyone, with each aspect of social, combat and farming having enough depth to satisfy fans of each, even providing a good mix of the three for those interested.

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For players who want to build more than their farm and equipment, Sun Haven introduces its vast repertoire of available skills to enhance the player’s gameplay via its 5-branch skill tree, each dedicated to different parts of the game: exploration, farming, mining, combat and fishing. That in itself provokes thoughtful decision-making for players as they develop their character.

Len’s Island (2021)

Lens Island

The farming and open-world genres don’t often mix together in the gaming scene, but surprisingly enough Lens Island manages to do it and even takes it further. As an open-world survival game, Len’s Island encourages players to sail around the world, venture from island to island, dive deep into dungeons, and build a home that can be called paradise.

Combining some farming sim and top-down dungeon crawling serves to give the game depth beyond a simple base-building survival game. With NPCs scattered throughout the world to handle quests and trade, there’s almost always something to do. Len’s Island has the potential to be one of the greatest open-world video games of all time.

Traveler’s Rest (2020)

Traveling Rest

From rags to riches or zero to hero, Traveling Rest educates the player to transform a once run-down inn into an extravagantly bustling business ever. Of course, it’s kind of impossible when you’re starting from literally nothing. But luckily, the player has all the power, meaning it’s their actions directly that can save the failing business. Whether it is by gathering resources directly, producing ingredients or establishing good relationships.

As it says Traveling Rest is just shy of being one of the best simulator video games with the charming atmosphere it presents and the satisfaction it gives when a player manages to earn money. The game also happens to reward players’ decisions, an example would be choosing to grow ingredients instead of buying them, as it saves both money and time.

Farming Simulator 22 (2021)

Farming Simulator 22

It’s been almost 15 years since the first one ever Farming Simulator the title was released and captivated the western gaming community, creating the now hugely popular franchise it is now. With 13 installments, the series managed to hone its craft to create what many consider to be the most immersive and realistic depiction of farming in a video game.

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The latest installment, Farming Simulator 22, only further cementing this belief. With seasonal weather changes, players are expected to plan ahead before drastic temperature changes. Operate large machines to harvest and sow at incredible speeds. There is even the option to play with friends and tackle difficult challenges or build a farming empire.

Minecraft (2011)


With Minecraft being the number one best selling video game of all time, it provides practically an endless amount of play time for any video game cheater regardless of genre. Of course, this also includes those who are particularly interested in the agricultural genre. IN Minecraftas long as you can imagine it, you can create it.

While the primary focus on Minecraft is building and defeating the game’s multiple bosses, the farming system it provides can become surprisingly complex once experimented with. Using the game’s natural energy system, redstone, players can create things that harvest and plant crops all on their own. Another way to automate such a process is by using several of the game’s NPCs to create a system where villagers automatically harvest and plant before hiding them away for the player.

Dinkum (2022)


If the idea of ​​playing an Australian-inspired Crossing animals-like game has ever appealed to anyone Dinkum is just the right game for that. Build houses, plant huge gardens and fight the carnivorous creatures of the outback, there is never a dull moment in Dinkum. And the best thing about it is also that several friends can participate in that experience at the same time together.

Dinkum is more than just one Animal Crossing-esque games, yes, that and much more. IN Dinkum Farm life doesn’t just end with maintaining crops, it also extends to livestock. Players are even allowed to participate in exciting battles and mysterious cave diving. As players progress, they will also be assigned more features, such as deploying vehicles to cross land and gliders to soar in the sky.

Stardew Valley (2016)

Stardew Valley

When referring to farming games, it is almost impossible not to mention it Stardew Valley, and there is a good reason for that too. All starting from an abandoned small plot of land, left by their grandfather. Stardew Valley off the bat is a comforting and stress-free experience that simply allows for both serious and casual play.

With the community center as the first objective, there is always a kind of excitement that comes to the players when they realize that as the season goes on, their ability to collect specific items also leaves. Of course, this also means that players must take into account which crops to cycle when the weather changes, as some weather is unsuitable for certain crops. Pets are also always an option, and if that’s not enough, players can either fish or risk their lives in the mines fighting dangerous monsters. There is always something to do Stardew Valley.

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